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October 22, 2007


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So... ?

Pat Harrington

Some of these sites are better than others. I respect the ones that will at least post comments critical of the original postings.

It's a difficult job to support the neo-liberal agenda of NuLab and one that must conflict with what some of them truly believe. It's interesting to see them twist and turn don't you think?

Dr Paul Stott

I think Labour activists are used to those gyrations by now.

Pat - I guess you are exempt from Nick Griffin's proscription on blogs, given you are not a BNP member?

Pat Harrington

I didn't know that he had proscribed blogs! As you guess it doesn't affect me.

I post (under my own name!) to a number of blogs on different topics if I am interested and get the time. I used to post on the old Red Action forum and was sad to see it go. I'm banned from Urban75! I think that it is good for people of different or opposing views to argue in a (comparatively) safe environment like the Internet. Perhaps some will even review their ideas in the light of argument or new facts! I live in hope!

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