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August 16, 2006


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Pipe wrote: "Chief Supt Simon Pountain liaised with representatives of the Church and the lesbian and gay community, before making a decision on this matter."

"The Church" is a pretty vague term. I've spoken with several members of the Anglican Church (the established Church of this country, the last time I checked) and could find no one in authority who had been consulted on this matter. Of course, we are constantly told that there are all manner of "pretend Christians" with fabricated organisations, made up pastoral qualifications and false bishoprics. Maybe the police consulted one or two of them instead.

Also, I can't remember the last time Hackney's lesbian and gay "representatives" were voted into office either (unless you count that load of closet cases on the Council), can you?

So I wonder who, precisely, Pountain consulted on this matter. (Smells fishy to me!)

Your second letter to Pipe is brilliant. But are you going to carry a book on whether Pipe answers? Let me know the odds because I'd put a £10 on that he gives you the cold shoulder on this one.

It's like the Nike logo issue - Pipe is all mouth but can't carry things through. Oh! and the Auditors think we have good leadership! Good god!

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