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August 18, 2006


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I'm curious as to your thoughts on the quality of the CD - I've ordered it from Amazon - like yourself to replace a vinyl copy purchased around 1988 or so, but according to the reviews there it seems to have been lifted straight from vinyl.

Cheers. Another highly political band in a Marxist vein was of course the Three Johns...

Dr Paul Stott

Well there is nothing wrong with the CD version I have got, can't say that the quality has ever bothered me.

The CD also comes with 3 extra tracks - Inspiration, Easter Rising and Johnny I Hardly Knew You - of which I would say "Inspiration" is easily the pick.


Thanks again, that's sort of reassuring. Already ordered so I'm awaiting it's arrival with interest.


Only heard a few of the tracks.

Tell me, is the tune for 'Lenin in Europe' as cheesy as the lyrics? Loved to hear it.

PS - not being sarky. I loved 'Whistling in the Dark'. Great song.

Dr Paul Stott

Actually its not cheesy at all - don't worry its not as if the Redskins had written it.

It manages to come across as quite dark and atmospheric.....

Dack Hoober

The Cherry Red reissue CD was indeed mastered from a crappy vinyl copy, lots of pops and clicks.

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