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August 30, 2015


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John R

Why is it I keep thinking, more and more, these days, "Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad."?

I was reading the John McTernan column in the Telegraph about the PLP and how they should oppose Corbyn when the Seymour quote about Simon Weston was mentioned in the comments.

What is Seymour on? What planet is he on? Does he honestly believe that saying something like this will make people more amenable to his "socialist" views?

If Seymour ever gets the chance to write in a mainstream newspaper again, this comment will be flung back at him. And it is a big "if".

Dr Paul Stott

John - I feel the world has gone mad about 20 times a day.

Part of the problem is the left's physical distance from the working and indeed lower middle class, especially from the millions of people in those categories who live outside of London. In the bubble Richard Seymour resides and works in, he is as likely to meet, and to get on with, a Briton who ended up in Guantanamo Bay than a Briton who served in the Falklands, Iraq or Afghanistan.

The odd thing is that Seymour will know all the academic buzz words and analysis such as 'demonising' and 'othering', and at the drop of a hat could write a piece for the Guardian if Richard Littlejohn or Katie Hopkins was slagging off Muslim extremists. He can't see that he does something very similar himself every day - when talking about squaddies, or UKIP voters or in this case Simon Weston.

We have lived to see how the revolutionary left looks when it has no interest in or adherence to the working class. It ain't pretty....

Darren williams

According to this week's weekly worker Seymour is a vehement anti Corbynite. Arguing against any lefties getting involved in the Labour Party as "the Labour Party is dead". Perhaps he playing a double game seeking to slur the old social democrat by association

Dr Paul Stott

Hi Darren - I have long thought the left is dead. It has had no real answer to the question of what it is for, if it is not for the workers controlling the means of production (and it has not seriously been about that for decades). The obsession with identity politics and Muslims is simply a sign of this weakness.

But Corbyn, to my astonishment, is performing some surgery on the parrot. He has something to say on economics, Europe and involving big numbers of people. It might not fly - I think we need a smaller state not a bigger one - but at least we now have a debate.

I guess Richard Seymour prefers holding his own dead parrot.....

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