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April 01, 2014


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Been reading this economist's articles on Ukraine. From a pre-IMF 'deal' article on EU/US/Russia spoils and who's dependent on who:

"The long term objective is to have Germany and Europe dependent on US natural gas, at the expense of Russian gas. The USA now has a surplus of natural gas as a result of ‘fracking’ and new exploration..."

'Ukraine Economic Crisis: Who Benefits? Who Pays?' Jack Rasmus, ZNet, 19 March 2014

Paul Stott

Thanks for this. I could also add that the Russian energy giant Gazprom have whacked up its energy prices to Ukraine this week, so citizens appear trapped in a double bind.

Samuel Huntington saw Ukraine as a fault line in his clash of civilisations theses. On that at least, his views have arguably stood the test of time.

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