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December 02, 2013


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Dr Llareggub

I signed the petition, thinking it was a rational thing to support. But sadly I discovered that opposition to gender segregation is not popular with the anarchist left. Sure they support a punch up with the cops on the no cops on the campus demo, but the class war anarchists - or what is left of them - and other blogs refuse to allow comment on the subject. And one blogger who claims he wants to question everything responded, before closing the discussion and removing my comments, that he was too tired to look into it, though was keen to have a scrap with the cops in support of university staff. Perhaps, some conclusions can be drawn about the class war left and their attitudes towards the Islamists. Tonight, this You Tube video on the subject was censored by the Bone Blog, fromtheir discussion on unity between students and workers. It seems that these leaders of the working class class have chosen their side.



With this situation, there are two strands worth looking at... The first, and possibly easiest way is to follow the money. We are in an age of austerity and universities are having to rely less and less on state funding and more on other sources such as commercial ones or the governments of other countries. Effectively, universities are having to run themselves like businesses – looking after the bottom line is becoming more of a priority. As I've outlined in a piece I wrote on Revolting Pleb – http://revoltingpleb.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/more-to-this-than-meets-the-eye/ – with these pressures, it shouldn't come as a surprise that a number of universities will turn a blind eye to the ethical status of a donating company or government. The Saudis are one of the larger donors to British academia – and the Saudis have a pretty poor record when it comes to human rights and gender equality. Given this, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that Universities UK are happy to give their time and consideration to guidelines on gender segregation if requested by certain visiting speakers. That's the price you pay for accepting funds from donors with questionable ethics and intentions.

Secondly, this does not take place in a vacuum. As Brendan O'Neil points out towards the end of this piece on Spiked – http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/gender_segregation_islamist_crusaders_on_campus/14423#.Urb8fPtV1Ck – “It is Western society’s own new culture of non-judgementalism, its fear of causing offence, its descent into the relativistic mush of believing that all belief systems are ‘equally valid’, which gives a licence to Muslim groups, and all sorts of outfits based on the narrow politics of identity, to demand that their way of life should never be criticised and should always be indulged.” To put it succinctly, the relativists have won the culture wars and we're all the poorer for it...

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