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November 23, 2013


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Dr Llareggub

I have no desire to defend the headmistress in question. But the political objectives of the equality at all costs driven left needs to be mentioned. Remember institutional (systemic) racism in the days of the US Civil Rights movement, which identified discrimination in schools, hospitals etc. Well,the fight against it has since morphed in a way which resembles the 17th century witch finders. All school have to supply annual figures of race offences by the children. A school with a very high average of race incidents clearly has a race issues problem. But what of schools which report a very low amount of race issues? For the politically correct in the Equality Industry it is a clear sign of systemic racism, as the school is unaware of its race problems. So school heads have to manufacture race reports in order to keep an average, to avoid a visit from the equality stasi. Hence the highly publicised case of a five year old getting a racist record for asking if his mate was he black because he came from Africa. Maybe, just maybe, the head at this school was trying to inflate numbers to maintain the average. Either way, the Equality Industry is employing the very same methods as the witch finders. Evidence that you are not a witch proves that you are concealing the fact that you are one. Thank you to the left, who have taken the race issue to extremes.

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