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November 09, 2013


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— "It is not hard to admire the working class man from Lancashire or Essex going into battle with the Taliban far from home, for a pittance."

I certainly don't feel any admiration for such a guy, I am sad that he could be so foolish and thoughtless about his own life. I am angry that there are still people who worship war and politicians and corporations who profit off it (in many many ways).

Paul Stott

I am not sure the argument that this is all purely imperialism and politicians profit from it stands up in each instance.

The US has lost billions in Iraq. The UK as a country does not benefit materially from being in Afghanistan or from supporting countries like Pakistan - the opposite is true. Closer to home we could say exactly the same about Northern Ireland.

Certainly individual companies make obscene profits out of war, and the corrupt nexus between, for example, the British state, Saudi Arabia and BAE is well documented.

I just feel auto-leftist positions on foreign conflicts are sometimes more responsive than analytical.

Dr Llareggub

There is something simple and knee jerkish about the left's hostily to the army - the army fights for capitalist governments, so those who fight the army must be the good guys. Add to that the fact that so many left misfits are oikophobic and we have a built in hostility to working class lads entering the services. I wish the UK was not involved in Afghanistan and had let the nutters kill each other off, as they are doing so successfully in Syria. But my heart goes out to the poor sods facing the horrors of that hell hole.

Paul Hanes

jo has never been a pert of the SWP? where did you get your facts from? you retoric is clearly bullshit. whilst you speculate about joe's feelings you provide no facts on this. are you another soldier without the ability to question? or do you just follow orders no matter what £Eton douchbag gives them to you?

Paul Stott

I am not quite sure what you mean by "Jo has never been a pert of the SWP"?

I did not say Joe Glenton was a member of the SWP, although he has long moved in their circles, indeed his legal representative for a long time was Harwich SWP's John Tipple.

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