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July 31, 2013


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Dr Llarregub

Hello Mr Morsi, I am from the EU and have experience with the left in the UK as I was once in the CND. Our media, especially the BBC, backed the MB during the early stages of the Arab Spring, claiming it was primarily a charitable organization, and playing down its support for Hamas and its objective of destroying Israel. Well, that is our left wing perspective too, my friend. Trouble is, you blew it.You had the support of our governments and Pres Obama was fully behind you and not making the slightest complaint about your treatment of Christians and other minorities. But your election victory was not really an exercise in democracy. The BBC wrongly presented your victory as a mandate for absolute power, and vigorously censored those who had reservations: the election was hurried, as we advised you, so you could be better organised than your rivals, but only a 40% turn out, of which you obtained only 50% of the vote, which means you only had around 20% of the total. What we should have advised you to do was take steps towards total Islamic control slowly. Gradually, building up, with Obama's support, a network of Islamic powers in the ME. But as I said: you blew it, went too fast, and that speech to Hamas, was a tipping point which even the BBC could not conceal. So the people took to the streets and the army stepped in.
So what can we do to help you return to power? First, your supporters are dumb enough to start a civil war, and we on the left in the EU and UK will support your heroic freedom fighters. Obama will set about wrecking the Egyptian economy, and left/anarchist blogs will play their part in supporting the oppressed Brotherhood against the military. The BBC are already setting the grounds and the left in the UK, especially the assholes in the anarchist movement, are buying it. Be patient comrade, lots of people will die, but that is the way with heroic causes like yours, which we in the left support, and eventually your Islamic dream for Egypt, destruction of Israel, will materialise.

Dr Llarregub

Hope you don't mind something light hearted, but they tell me that this video attacking Obama's support for Morsi and the Bro-hood is very popular.
Belly dancer Sama al Masry slams Obama for supporting Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.


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