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May 26, 2013


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Dave Edwards

Hi Paul, I'd be interested to know in what way you admire Farage. He makes my skin crawl (or is that just the effect politicians in general have on me?)


I've not found too much to admire in Farage either, given his presence at a pro-cuts rally in Westminster a couple of years ago among other things. It seems rather pervese to admire a politician, let alone a politician who represents the sort of Little England Class War railed against for years.

Benjamin F

I have to agree with Ed and Dave above. Farage is just another pro-capitalist, divide-and-rule bigot. He is the respectable, upper class face of xenophobia. He's well-supported by the media moguls who want to give Cameron a kicking (for Leveson) and want to ensure any opposition to the coalition comes from the right not the left.

Oddly his extraordinary outburst in Scotland against the Trot-fronted 'radical independence' group, is an example of why we need internationalism (though not one managed centrally or by the bosses like the EU). Rival nationalisms almost invariably lead to create conflict.


I'm glad to hear that you are keeping the blog online in spite of all your other commitments. When I started blogging myself six years ago 'I Intent To Escape...' was quite an inspiration so yeah keep up the good work and give them twins a kiss from all your readers. Having said all that nice stuff I have to agree with Ed, Dave and Benjamin. Nigel Farage? You must be fucking joking Paul. None the less we do need, as never before in my view, to make clear what it means to be Libertarian Socialist as opposed to merely libertarian.

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