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December 03, 2012


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Words can't express... The last time I saw James was just after the Damned gig at the Roundhouse last year and I only had time to say 'Hi' to him before I had to go. Never saw as much of him as I wanted, but there were some good times, going to the Slimelight with him, seeing Alien Sex Fiend at the Koko, drinking with him in the Devonshire in Camden... and going on demos with him! A lovely man, loud and obnoxious, always in his DMs and tartan trousers. Very, very sad.

Condolences and best wishes at this difficult time to his children.


Really sad news, I always found him to be a genuine and sound and funny bloke - thoughts are with his family and friends.

If you have an account on meanwhileatthebar and can remember your log in details you can click on my name to be taken to the archive and search for posts by jameswalsh if you want a laugh.

Benjamin F

Hia Paul - following our email discussion in the aftermath of this terrible news, I thought i'd pay more public tribute to James.

I can;t pretend I agreed with everything James said and did, in the two decades I knew him. But his straight-talking affability made attending CW events in the early 1990s so much fun.

It was at the anti-BNP demo at Welling, I think, where he got a crack across the head, and I took him through police lines to get medical treatment. Dazed though he was he knew well enough not to answer any questions from the dorks hanging around claiming to be journalists.

I remember James debating with Ann Widdecombe on C4. Perhaps not playing to his strengths but kudos to him for having the balls to go on – and stand up to the panellists who were all authoritraians.

Though I didn’t know him well enough to know his family, please pass on my condolences to his nearest and dearest.

Sean Cregan

It seems too many people feel isolated and alone. We really need to try and look after each other a bit more. James and I had many rows but he always fought his corner and for that I respected him. Very sad news.


Gutted to hear the sad news regarding James, he was a real character, yes loud and argumentative but I was fortunate enough to know his caring, sentive side.
A true class warrior, one of a kind. He will be missed. X

Ross Marat

All I can say now is sorry, James. Last time I saw him I was coming home from work and I happened to bump into him. I Said I'd see him during the half term holidays, and I just didn't get round to it. But I thought, well I know where he lives, I can see him any time.

And now I can't. And I've still got his laptop that I never got round to fixing. And I never said that he's the reason I went from SWP loyalist to Anarchist because of the arguments we had in the pub after Socialist Alliance meetings.

Frankly, he was a pian in the arse, but he was our pain in the arse. I'll miss him terribly. I never realised how much until now.

I can't imagine how H. amd L. feeling. My thoughts are with you both.

guy playfair

My name is Guy Playfair. I knew James from when he was little. I moved to Canada, and james came to visit me when we were in our thirties. We had a great time! Goose Bay Labrador is a military base with lots of friendly girls and establishment to mess with. I send my condolences to family and friends who miss him, I told his girlfriends today here and they were sad. Maybe being far from intense struggles in england was good for James. To everyone I the struggle, don't get lonely and kill yourself, fight on, live on, love on.


I am just so sorry, I only knew James for a short while but loved his spirit and his energy. I can't believe he has gone, my condolences to his family and those who loved him. He was a one off and I'm so very sad to have heard of hs passing, RIP JAMES, may your peace be now eternal xx

Danny Thompson

I'm absolutely devastated by the sad and tragic news of James early demise.

I to remember working politically with James aka 'Captain Bollox' in the SA. In a true punk spirit he would often try to live up to his psuedonym, and so it was always with great pride and a wry smile, that he was capable of offending anyone and everyone in the process regardless.

His political opponents, of which there were many, including those in the anarchist miliue, with whom he disagreed with, were all for James, at the end of the day either "fucking wankers .... so .... fuck 'em" or "middle-class liberal tosser's .... so .... fuck 'em" full stop!

But I think behind all of his macho posturing and confused politics there was a real, down to earth, definately unique, intelligent diamond geezer, who had a heart of gold, a proud and loud revolutionary libertarian communist, who "wanted to get rid of capitalism, not because it was bad per se, but because socialism would be so much better"!

Sadly James has chosen, whether rationally or not, to absent himself from that fight, but it is only in hindsight that I now consider it a privilege to have counted 'captain bollox' as both a friend and worthy comrade.

My thoughts also go to his kids L&H, who despite and throughout his own trails and tribulations were the one constant that he truly adored and loved.

'Captain' - despite all of the 'bollox' that you have now left behind you - I salute you!



"His political opponents, of which there were many, including those in the anarchist miliue, with whom he disagreed with, were all for James, at the end of the day either "fucking wankers .... so .... fuck 'em" or "middle-class liberal tosser's .... so .... fuck 'em" full stop!"

And that with a disdainful flick of his mane!

RIP James, you were one of the good guys.

Ben S

RIP James. A good bloke and Punk Rocker, always remember being at a gig with him and him saying loudly on seeing a band with a violinist "Punk bands only have violinists to give their middle class girlfriends something to do" Classic. My condolences to his Children and family.

Oliver May

For those who knew James May: James' funeral is on the 18th December at 1.45 at Stopsley crematorium, and afterwards we will be at the Moat house function room playing a selection of anarcho-punk from his collection. Everyone who knew him is welcome to attend. If you have any music you want played that he would have liked, bring it along on CD and we'll have it at the reception.

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