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December 07, 2012


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No thanks.

Anarcho-Zionism anyone?

Join our Kibbutz collective on stolen Palestinian land.

Open to anyone regardless of race or religion, so long as you aren't Muslim or Arab.

Though preference given to the Chosen People, of course.


Jewish community leadership getting themselves all in a twist about Islamophobia, antisemitism and Islamo-fascism, trying to reconcile belief in Judaism with not objecting to Islam and Jihad http://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/93498/walk-outs-over-islamophobia’-antisemitism-symposium.


Whatever the ideology of the stone throwers here, whether it is islamism or anarchism or marxism or Arab nationalism, how can you not take sides and applaud as they beat off the IDF soldiers?



Why 'islamo'? Isn't Egypt-Anarchism (or as the flag is red and black: anarcho syndicalism) more correct? Or Alexandrian? Looks more like anti-islamo anarchism to me btw.


@Amster: he intends it ironically. But he's missing several points, such as (a) many Muslims are opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood as well - the "Muslim Brotherhood" and "Islam" are far from synonymous (b) some people are opposed to the MB from the right, as opposed to from the left - i.e. Mubarak fans who have opportunistically joined the rebellion for their own reasons, (c)some Muslims may be anarchists and definitely some are sympathetic to them, (d) many Muslims and non-Muslims who are totally opposed to the MB, perhaps including some anarchists, do not think that burning down the MB headquarters was that great an idea, whether because of a general opposition to violence, the fact that they might not want to give the MB a precedent/excuse to burn down THEIR headquarters, and/or because they don't want to alienate EVERY single person in/sympathetic to the MB, which is a very broad-based group including some elements (not in the higher echelons) that might potentially be sympathetic to their ideas and eventually come over to their side.
But why bother with such subtleties when you can sit comfortably in England and paint it all as some simplistic battle between "anarchism" and "Islam"?


Anarchist in Egypt are NOT islamists - so the title of this post is pretty pointless.

Dr Paul Stott

That's precisely my point. Islamo-Anarchism is a Western construct. And an indulgence activists in Muslim majority countries are unlikely to embrace.

Mr. Jolly

Hi Paul,

Are there actually people out there calling themselves, Islamo-anarchists?


nice to see you guys are still as racist as ever


Could I suggest that, in your apparent enthusiasm for putting down Islam, Paul, that as a Westerner, you are misreading the discourse within which a Muslim might place themselves as "an Anarchist".

It may turn on the fact that Muslims do not see themselves as following Man-made laws, laws made by human archons if you like. A Muslim sees themselves as following the law of G-d, of Allah, who far transcends mere Human masters.

You obviously don't see things through this frame, neither do I, but maybe some Muslims do, and who are we to mock them?


Dr Paul Stott

Mr Jolly - there is a small but dedicated 'Islamo-Anarchist' scene in North America and the UK. The Steampunk Shariah website is probably the most articulate example, but plenty of others abound on Twitter and Facebook. For an academic attempt at this rather acrobatic ideological stance, see Mohamed Jean Venuese:


Qjx - It is a Western phenomena, not one originating in Muslim majority countries. Indeed given the scale of the violence against Muslims such as the Shia or Ahmadhis currently ongoing in Pakistan, it would be a brave man to stand up in such an atmosphere and declare themselves a Muslim Anarchist.
Secondly, you seem to have a problem with Westerners criticising Islam. Islam is, as I understand it, a global religion, and I frequently read and meet British Muslims who tell me Islam has the answers to the problems this society faces. Am I not allowed to say I don't think it does?

modernity's ghost


Why do you get Far Right posters like "Internationalist" here?

And more importantly, why doesn't your readership spot them?

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