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November 12, 2012


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Larry O'Hara

My sentiments exactly: but sadly the Last Century Left will miss the boat on this again. Having long been disgusted at the atrocious state of so-called 'investigative journalism' at the BBC, good riddance. Exemplified by a Panorama programme I am watching exonerating Neil Heywood of being MI6...

As the rats leave the sinking BBC ship, let's strafe the life-boats they jump into. chief of which is of course The Guardian.


Bit emotional this Paul and an unexpectedly rubbish post. Guess you like adverts and the idea of watching a public broadcaster on Sky with adverts for £30 a month? Pity the poor. Might be time to try and save public broadcasting from both the BBC establishment and Murdoch etc. How about the opportunity to save the BBC and run it outside of the State. Lots of coherent and experienced broadcasters around, fantastic possibility for a change in public broadcasting if the BBC tumbles; fuck the BBC a bit immature?

Larry O'Hara

Our starting point is not being pro-Sky/adverts, but contempt foe the atrocious standards of BBC journalism that us mugs have to pay for. Once that argumnent is established, then we can look at alternativew models.

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