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October 30, 2012


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paul maleski

Born on Halloween.
Jimmy Savile was a Yiddish speaking fanatical Satanic Zionist. We need to know more about his murky relationships with Mossad and MI5/6, before we can make any worthwhile analysis of this diabolical situation. Institutions such as the: NSPCC, Childline, Children in Need, and Multicult/PC obsessed Ministers such as Hodge--muddy the waters and give me grave concerns. Literally! The likes of Mandelson, Rantzen, Caplin, and Currie should keep their unhealthy noses out of our kids' welfare. Quite often it is people of their ilk who are the problem!


I have heard plenty, too much in fact regarding Saviles ponshion for younger ladies.
I have not however heard anything or seen anything written which renders him liable for the accusations of peodophilic behaviour.
The young females throwing themselves at celebrities during ' Top of the Pops etc' may have been 15 or thereabouts, obviously it was wrong to take advantage of the situation as Savile clearly did but Peodophilia. Nah, certainly not on the basis of what I have read.


Just noted that you have logged the time of my comment as 07.58 PM
How stupid is that. Don't you know how to use the 24 HR clock. On Nov 1st at 07.58 I was fast asleep 07.58 being in the morning.


It is perhaps surprising that someone who claims the name Maximusmichaelus is unfamiliar with the term pm, meaning post meridiem or after noon. On second thoughts, a person who writes ponshion for penchant is probably ignorant of quite a lot.

Account Deleted

Savile also connected Ted Heath to the Jersey childcare home Haute de la Garenne where he took children away on his boat for weekends. Savile provided children to the elites. The media are unable to report this.


@charlesfrifth: it's already been reported by the media. The Ted Heath thing has been known for a while now.

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