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October 03, 2012


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It's much cheaper to buy 20 frozen kebab burgers from Iceland than it is to buy a supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat from Waitrose. If you live on £50 a week, the choices are made for you. This kind of takeaway food is reported by psychiatrists and dieticians to be addictive in the same way as heroin and crack cocaine is. It makes you depressed, it makes you unmotivated. You don't work. You got no money.You get a doorstep loan, you vote labour, you watch daytime TV, you get fat - you probably don't buy Ayn Rand...


The problem with obesity and perhaps laziness (to some extent)is also a huge concern in the US and Canada. More and more it is apparent in children, who even at their young ages, are realizing they need help now! Don't teach your children chinese, teach them you only have one body, your vessel, teach them how to fine tune and maintain... teach them to respect themselves.

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