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October 28, 2012


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Harry K

Hiya - thought you might like: this from Fridays World at one on radio 4. With human rights lawyer Mark Stephens laughably defending Denis McShane and by implication tying anti-fascists to expense fiddling crooks!

PS Veggies were at the bookfair but they took a bit of finding! As for the state of the toilets I'm pretty sure someone makes it their job to break the towel machine thing within 10 minutes of the start every year - I'm thinking of running a book on how long it lasts next year.

If NFB are looking into Thatcher era Economics League we did have some info about Caprim (post EL group)if you want it - it was on our website but I can't see it on there at the mo but if you're interested I'll try and find it again.

Harry K

Okay... link didn't work trying again: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-20183716

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