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October 20, 2011


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people who see the world as a world of victims, and who probably see themselves as victims too, will put themselves in situations where they are acting out the role of victim. That would be my answer to your question, why do these middleclass activists do such things. The see the world in terms of victims and persecutors, when actually it is often the case the victims make persecutors, not vice versa, by pretending to be powerless, or lacking in control over their circumstances. The powerlessness and lack of control is exactly the role an activist "locks" themselves into when they embrace this form of protest.

That being said, civil disobedience often means getting in the way, and putting yourself in danger for a greater cause. It is far better, some say, to die for a cause, as opposed to killing for it.

Thor Halland

> It is far better, some say, to die for a cause, as opposed to killing for it.

No I prefer the other side to die for my cause.

darren redstar

Those who say such are usually more willing to have others do the dying, and to condemn those unwilling to lie down and take it.


It's also very easy to portray anarchists as naive gullible middle class dreamers. It's a standard approach aimed at making people who want to effect meaningful change to their lives feel hopeless and give in to power. But people won't give in. The battles will continue and people will fight back in whichever ways they can. Resistance means not accepting your role as victim. So I say solidarity to all of those who are fighting together against the police and bailiffs at Dale Farm.

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