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October 15, 2011


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james walsh

To me these people are all about commodifying social relationships. It’s about destroying the social and the human so capitalism can have a new market. Our enemies it seems will stop at nothing and are sick. Their only god is money.

There trying to give us a heart of religion in a heartless world of money. There is a war coming and they want religion to divide and rule.

Why is nobody calling a spade a spade? This is the revolutionary situation they promised and now all the dickheads no they are part of the problem and their trying to rearrange the chairs on the ship.

I think this ship needs some new captains.
A lot of people have given themselves way too much rope :)

james walsh


Short answer.

This society is going to war.


And the old religions are going to be part of the enemy if they side at any point to side with capital.

Maybe I shouldn't be listening to 'These Boots are Made (or mad) for Walking' It should be a revolutionary marching song. We've got a brand new box of matches. The politicos have never been able to understand music that's why they can't understand people- they don't have the heart or minds- they are utterly alienated from humanity. They hide from the class and lie to the class- i've ben messing where i shouldn't have been messing (according to the liers)- some need to do some serious changing. Because those who should have been getting the best have been well cheated. I have 15 versions- a super abundence provided by punk bands.

Now go and listen to some Motorhead and Hawkwind if you need reprograming you robots. This is planet of the apes time.


Note he mentions the Salvation fucking Army - those nutters sent some idiot to our enforced 'job club' in Islington to give an insulting attitude talk to us unemployed that ended up with most people wanting to punch his stupid face in.
Yep they are another bunch of religious capitalist nutters in on the Welfare To Work Slavery programme - apparently they do quite handsomely out of it in Oz.

Watch out for the right wing Christian lobby, from Adam Smiths 'invisible hand' dishing out ethereal market goodness to the protestant work ethic to install the
f-right attitude into the plebs...

BTW Good to see your comments on the Bookfair. Glad other people understand and remember the history of identity politics and the damage it has done to activism.
You've obviously upset a load of the bourgeois liberal pratts on Indymedia ( and probably the arses who have never lived in Tottenham yet see themselves as experts on it...)

Nice one - keep up the good work.


"the Salvation fucking Army"

I have absolutely no musical talent so count me out but I've sometimes thought, wouldn't it be great to see an anarcho-communist brass band on the streets instead of those dreadful Christians.

Such things probably existed in earlier times. In fact there was a good lefty London brass band in the eighties that played Brecht & Weill numbers. Probably stalinists though.

james walsh

you should meet my mate Ross- he loves all the stuff- but he's hiding under the cover I think at the moment :(

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