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September 30, 2011


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james walsh

Their be taking my steering-wheel from my cold dead hands!


Is that the sound of dissent I hear, James?

james walsh

Yeap ;)

It's funny how those who claim to be anarchists etc as good as never like their 'authority' to be questioned. I come from a different mould to those folk.


Well, I think the lifestylism of some in the anarchist milieu could be described as authoritarian I suppose, particularly on an interpersonal level. There aren't that many genuine anarchists in positions of real power at an institutional or macro level.

I think that it's important though to distinguish between anarchists who for instance eat meat, drive four by fours or shop at Tesco, from those that beat up their partners or 'tolerate' racists such as Troy Southgate. But then I would wouldn't I?

james walsh

I don't move in many anarchist circles- they seem very mad company that don't seem to get the idea of anarchism or even freedom and tolerence.

Well I eat meat and shop sometimes at Tesco- I do far bigger 'sins' as far as most anarchists are concerned that drive a four by four- if I could afford it I'd have a battle bus for my comrades.

As to to 'tolerating' racists and beating up their partners- i don't have any such friends. All may proper friends challenge racism when there is a point in doing so and they can, in the best way they can think off- and I think they manage to do that better than most anarchists manage.

Feel free to enlighten me personally (not here) if I'm mistaken.

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