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August 29, 2011


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What evidence do you have that Ken lost the 2008 election because of "his alliance with Islamism"?

My understanding is that the main reason he lost the election is that he lost support among higher income voters to Boris.

So are you advising Ken to shore up the social class AB vote by joining your upper middle class white people's crusade against filthy muslim foreigners?

Benjamin F

I would be very wary of anything coming from the JC. It is a decidely dishonest newspaper. It's slanted in its news-gathering and its reporting.

On one occasion I wrote an article for them, and they re-edited it, without my permission, so that parts of it said the opposite of what I had originally stated. They then refused to print a correction. After much argument, they agreed to print a letter, in which I explained how the article had been altered - which before publication, they then edited without permission.... I never wrote (nor was asked to write) for them again.

In short the JC has three functions.
1. To encourage British Jewry to identify with the minority of the ruling class within the Jewish community (the North London elite)
2. To encourage British Jewry to aquiesce to an unquestioning support for the revisionist Zionist project (even by promoting active participation, or by encouraging the belief that opposition is pointless, or assists antiSemitism)
3. Like every other corporrate newspaper, to be a medium for selling expensive products to its readers


I agree with Benjamin F.

The JC runs hate campaigns against Jews who do not adhere to what the JC regards as the tribal norms, i.e. support for the Zionist project and the ruling elite.

As do the editors and supporters of the Zionist blog, Harry's Place.


If this proves anything at all it's how irrelevant is "left" and "right". A point made clear by Albert Meltzer many moons ago. I bet he never read the JC.

Dr Paul Stott

I got the following reply from Martin Bright on Twitter:

@MrPaulStott Mea Culpa. Corrected online and a correction will appear in print this week

Way back in 2000, Bright famously claimed in the Observer that Anarchists planned to rally on May Day on Oxford Street, armed with samurai swords. It was a straight forward police lie, produced to justify repression against protestors. I have raised this on several occasions on forums Bright posts on - (such as Harrys Place) and he has always ignored any request to respond.

I can't help thinking his rapid response and rebuttal here is based less on principle, but on the fact that the UK's Islamists tend to be a rather litigous bunch........

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