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August 25, 2011


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For low-level intelligence gathering facebook &tc have been big brother's wet dream come true.

BITD whole floors of paper shufflers had to sift through ballot papers from local & general elections then cross check the number to the counter foil to the hand written electoral list from the polling stations.... all to produce a felt-tip coloured map of (for example) Republican areas in Belfast. Then some Oxbridge arse would use it in a security briefing at Mi6 to plead for more funding for rubber bullets & CS gas & orange-tinted death squads.

Now, it all it takes is a room full of geeks armed with netlink software and bottled water. The resulting powerpoint feeds directly into a preloaded funding XL spreadsheet that launches the drone which goes off and bombs the school/village/wedding party/facebook friend.

They may get sold "software" solutions that "disrupt" the offending tweets & pages & streams - probably from shyster "security" companies packed with ex-ministers ex-cops ex-generals - but the won't shut down the mother lode.

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