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June 22, 2011


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Dr Samuel Ethrington

Gee! when I saw the running time of 2 minutes 57 secs I was skeptical.

20 seconds in .. oh dear, what silly juvenile parody.

3 minutes of my life I wont get back.


Yes, it's the usual crowd of faux-intellectual pseuds having a go at Curtis's presentational stylistics rather than engaging with the ideas unhysterically. And when they do have a go at the ideas, they usually misrepresent shabbily or simply fail to understand them and reduce any nuance with hyperbolic outrage that he somehow isn't post-modernist/Marxist/cultural materialist enough in his analysis - whatever their chosen petty fiefdom of political and academic obsessional neurosis might be. Parody is a rather dull mock now, more than 40 years after Monty Python. Comedy criticism of ideas by Ian Hislop style court jester archness, reeks of an Oxbridge clever-boy 'well-made joke'/Radio 4 approach. Tedious.

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