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May 08, 2011


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MMA was founded to answer the kind of questions that fighters love to ask i.e. who would win, a boxer or a wrestler? Is karate really that effective? And so on. Truth be told it was founded in part for the Grace family to showcase their own brand of ju jitsu, but that's another (and very interesting) story. As a spectator sport I think that it leaves much to be desired. Grappling, unless you are a real enthusiast, is not that interesting to watch and that of course is how wrestling came to be "worked" in the first place. When it comes to sitting at ringside, I think that you will go a long way to beat professional boxing, which is also one of the most highly developed combat systems as well. One thing we must give MMA credit for - it has acted as a repository for the old Lancashire miners catch submission moves that would otherwise have been lost forever.

Paul Stott

Hi Ray - Good to hear from you.

The problem with boxing has been the alphabet soup titles, the corruption (remember the 'draw' in the Holyfield v Lewis fight?)and over careful matching. In a way that is what is so pleasing about the de Gale v Groves fight - they are not avoiding one another.

On wrestling, when I was in the north west last month they interviewed a UK wrestler on BBC, spitting blood about the Olympics. He had been assured East Europeans brought over as training partners a few years back would not be naturalised as British Wrestlers - which now seems to be happening, just in time for them to fight next year.

The other side of the coin is that the UK has been so weak in wrestling and weightlifting for so long, only such an intervention could ever raise the standard?

Kick Boxing Johnston

I hope you post another article about the result of the Kickboxing Match.

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