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January 17, 2011


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That's a worthwile angle, Paul. The police didn't do their jobs and as a result, 57 people are dead.

sewa mobil

Very nice, thanks for the article.


Congratulations Paul, you and your comrades at Harrys Place and the rest of the Blairite "left" are now to the right of the Conservative Party.


James Walsh

You have a very funny way of defining right wing. I would have thought it had far more to do with weather you supported collective provision of services etc. Your a wet pinko fuck wit.


Lady Warsi... now there's a "muslim" extremist I'm REALLY worried about. Along with her fellow "christian" "jewish" etc. etc. extremists in the terrorist organisation known as the U.K. government.
Not to say that islamophobia or whatever you want to call it is not a real issue. Of course it is. It's plain to see that Muslims are now the "new jews" of the U.K. in terms of being collectively scapegoated.

Sherlock the Stable Door

These kinds of things tend to become self fulfilling prophesies in my experience. That's why i think it's always important for each of us now and again to take a bit of a step back and examine which way our political bandwagon is actually headed. You never know, some of you may find that you are self-effacing enough to change your minds once in a while.


Yes, Muslims are the new Jews.

Who are the new antisemites?


Who are the new antisemites?

Here's a clue:


sewa mobil

Hi, i guess i'm not the only one who enjoyed your site here

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