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December 11, 2010


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Is religion the only subject left where they disagree?


In practice of course their differences on religion are irrelevant. Both supported bombing Iraqis and both were happy to see British troops sent to their deaths in Afghanistan. Both smeared anyone who opposed these wars.

Rather oddly, Hitchens' God-fearing reactionary of a brother, Peter, speaks more sense on the "War on Terror" than the secular drink-soaked ex-Trotskyite poppinjay.


If it was up to me I'd shoot both of the cunts and then they could directly experiment with whether or not there's an afterlife. Genocidal motherfuckers.

James Walsh

Well I think Hitchins has some interesting things to say. The reason people like Internationalist has a problem with him is he makes points that are really hard for them to answer. I'm not surprised that acemdenics like have abandoned the left - because the left is so anti logic and arguement.


I have no doubt that Hitchens has some very interesting things to say, James.

I found his book The Trial of Henry Kissinger a very interesting dissection of US foreign policy, for example.

But, what specifically did you have in mind?


Maybe acemdenics have abandoned the left because it can't fucking spell or write a coherent sentence.


And Leni Riefenstahl was an interesting and innovative film maker. And hey, I bet some of those "shock jocks" on Rwandan radio going on about "cockroaches" might also have made the occasional valid point about the previous oppression of the Hutu by the Tutsi proxies of Belgium and France in between their exhortations to kill every Tutsi man, woman and child and any Hutu sheltering them.
The fact that Christopher Hitchens does appear to have more than two brain cells to rub together makes his apologetics for the mass murder of Iraqi civilians MORE despicable, not less.

hitch 'em up high

Hitchens cuts a very tragic figure now - a dying NeoCon stooge relying on the charity of a billionaire pimp for a few more minutes in the limelight.

What a twat.


hopfully i will see you guys at the next big london demo , bring a hard hat , steel toe capped boots , marbles , a laser pointer and black up , i have seen the future of peacfull protest in britain and it aint pretty , shallom


Just in case some budding Roshana Choudry type takes my posts above as inspiration for any silly and counter-productive action - I am not advocating actually shooting either of the cunts, although I'd like to in an ideal world, just like I'd like to be able to spread my wings and fly like a bird. "if i ruled the world, I'd free all my sons [and dawtza], I love em love em babaaaay..."
The cancer is doing its work fine so no need to intervene there in Hitchens' case... and I'm sure Blair has something eating at his guts too... mentally and spiritually nasty people tend to be physically unhealthy as well.

Cracker Jack

Cancer is something I would not wish on my worst enemy, I've seen too many good people suffer from it, and though I don't like the turn Hitchens' politics have taken, I wish him a recovery. He has always taken a good line on religion, I just don't think that is the most important issue.


My favourite Hitchens brother is the one that DIES first. Anybody fancy starting an online book?

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