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December 18, 2010


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Axe! (pronounced ah-shay)
Hope to get to check that some day... capoeira is amazing... have dabbled in it slightly in the past and would love to have the chance to do so again...

zionista panchovilla sabatista

i havent seen the film , but correct me if im wrong , capoeira was developed amongst the african slaves becaues their hands were chained so they developed a fighting art that involved standing on ones hand and kicking , it was outlawed by the colonialists and their was some presidant or other who was an expert in it , nearly all martial arts systems stem from resistance movements , karate , the okinawans fighting the japanese , tia chi , from the boxer rebbelion during the opium wars , ninjitsu , once again resistance to the japanese state ,, i could go on ,


Yes, you're correct about many of the movements of capoeira, although it does involve some hand work as well. It is also a dance as well as a martial art and is always supposed to be "played" along with music, i.e. African drums and berimbao, which is a vibrating instrument that looks like a bow. That is both part of the tradition from Africa (what is now Angola), and also was used to disguise the fact that they were practicing a martial art from the slavemasters, as they would practice the movements slowed down as "just a dance".
Ninjitsu were working for feudal lords unless I'm mistaken, so hardly a popular resistance movement, but yeah you're generally right about martial arts and resistance struggles. Tai chi has older roots than the boxer societies though, that all goes back to Shaolin monastery and (oral history/legend) Boddhidarma.
I'm not currently a martial arts practitioner myself though I've dabbled in several over my life - finding the time and money to attend classes regularly can be a struggle especially when you work odd hours as I do... but I need to get back into it... not least so I can teach my youths some martial arts, when I have em...


well the tia chi moves do have very old roots , but after the boxer rebellion the British outlawed all martial arts so they slowed them down to resemble dance moves which is how modern tia chi was born ( i am studying it at the moment , i have found that after doing various arts for the last 30 years my joints are so damaged that tia chi is about all i can handle , and their are strong parallels between the ninjas , the assassins , the templars and the shoi lin all warrior mystic cults which when they became too powerful were crushed by various kings and emperors, it is truly amazing that these arts have survived in tact for so many thousands of years


I'll check out this film, I love martial arts flicks. I've noticed that they're doing a film about Bruce Lee's Childhood, called Bruce Lee My Brother, which looks interesting. It goes into the expected Wing Chun/street fighting stuff, but also goes into the fact that he was also a fully trained and talented amateur boxer, western style, when he was a school kid.

Don't forget the martial 'power' of the Apache's too. I'm reading a rather scholarly book on Geronimo which does mention his magical fighting powers. I love the claim from his comrades that he managed to delay the dawn by three hours through his power!

I did various arts when I was younger, but had to give up through ill health unfortunately.


well i think that is the most interesting thing in that all indigenous races have their own martial arts and their are massive similarities between them just look at medieval manuscripts and their Japanese counterparts , you will see the same techniques repeated over and over

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