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November 06, 2010


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Larry O'Hara

Well pointed out Paul. However what with Tilzey, Hepple, Hill, Collins etc, Searchlight has so many racists in its milieu Woolas is no revelation.

At the very least, the political bankruptcy & hypocrisy of pretending to oppose fascism while turning a blind eye to the stirring up of racism by the likes of Woolas shows how misguided Hope Not Hate really is. Or rather, that it is a mere pimping facility to con the electors into voting Labout, the party that created the political space for the BNP in the first place.


Absolutely disgusting. This fucking scumbag presided over an immigration policy, detention centres etc. that did far more actual harm to immigrants (not to mention their children locked up in a fucking private prison, Yarl's Wood) than any BNP scumbag could ever do or hope to do.
Had never seen the actual leaflet there before. Fuckin ell!

Larry O'Hara

Mr Tilzey has drawn my attention to the fact I casually lumped him in with racists in searchlight orbit such as Hepple, white, hill, Collins and of course woolas. I am happy to correct this error, which does not of course mean I endorse the tendentious no retreat book. I await an apology from tilzeys searchlight/hope not hate friends regarding serious and sustained abuse of myself. But I'll not hold my breath. An apology from Tilzey himself would be nice but I don't expect that either. Still, I should not stoop to the level of his friends, so to reiterate, I apologise for missing out the odd anti-racist (Tilzey) among the Searchlight/Hnh crew he is still friendly with. Though not "formally" of course...

Paul Stott

Steve Tilzey - I am happy to accept your comments on here - on this or other relevant issues.

The only thing I would add to the original article is that we can of course put Dennis McShane on the list of Searchlight/Hope not Hate MPs who have come a cropper, although in his case his problems appear to have been with greed rather than racism.

Hope not Hate do seem to have picked well in Stella Creasy though. I suppose if you throw enough darts, even a blind man hits bulls eye eventually.

Steve Tilzey

Thanks Paul and Larry for that.

Larry O'Hara

Steve, no problem: if I make a mistake, always happy to correct.

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