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October 26, 2010


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There is a particularly rich piece of hypocrisy over at your sister blog, Harrys Place.

The Brown Saucers rightly point out that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion first came to prominence in the West in the context of the "Red Scare", which attempted to portray the revolutionary wave of 1917-1921 as inspired by Jews, and benefiting Jews. Reds and Jews were in bed together, communists were either Jews themselves or "useful idiots" and the proof was in the Protocols.

What the Brown Saucers of course omit to mention is that here we are in 2010 and we hear exactly the same kind of noises about Reds and Muslims being in bed together, supporters of the Palestinians are Hamas' "useful idiots", George Galloway is a stooge etc.

Maybe they omit to mention it because .... the most vociferously islamophobic red-baiters in Britain are to be found at .... Harrys Place.


"Harry's Place" is a fucking cesspit, as I've agreed with you about before, but it isn't Paul's "sister blog." I don't accept the logic behind his explanation for why he links it and why he posts there, but he certainly didn't say he ran the place, or that he agreed with it for that matter.
If you look on "rastafari speaks" (linked to my username) they do carry articles from certain blogs, etc. that they may disagree with, because they feel that there are important points that are made in those articles. For eg. Stephen Gowans' blog, which is basically unapologetically authoritarian communist and which supports (more or less) Mugabe... I know that the people behind Rastafari Speaks certainly do not give unqualified support to Mugabe and they've been on record to me saying that they agree with "an anarchist writer" (not sure who they were referring to) who has "consistently made valid criticisms of Mugabe." But they link Gowans' blog because he does expose the *IN*valid criticisms that western gov'ts (who are not in the least interested in "human rights") make about Mugabe.


Sorry Rasta, but you are wrong.

Stott contributes articles to Harrys Place and posts arse-licking comments, as well as promoting the cesspit on his own blog. That is different from what you do.

The only possible explanation is that he shares their islamophobic liberal imperialist view of the world.


Well I ain't read the "arse licking comments" so I'll reserve judgement til I do. One thing that's pretty clear is that Paul was against the gulf war and supported direct action against it, while Harry's Place supported it and still supports it - so it's clear they don't see eye to eye on that issue, and I imagine on others.
There is a fair amount on Harry's Place that I agree with - which is certainly not to endorse the cesspit, but to point out how they work - there'll be some reasonable articles pointing out fairly obvious facts, like the president of Iran isn't a very nice guy, suicide bombing is bad news, women should have rights, etc., and then they'll throw in the bit about "but Israel can do no wrong, unless it's the Israelis who are a little too blatantly and obviously fascist nutcases like Avigdor Lieberman - they're wrong, we support the "moderate" ones" - never mind that the so-called "moderate" ones are the same ones who ordered white phosphorus to be dropped on Palestinian children to test it out for their buddies/sponsors the good ole USA.
Oh and harvested Palestinian organs for sale - sorry Israeli apologists, but it ain't "blood libel" if it's proven by your own documents that you "used to" do it - so why the fuck would anyone think you've stopped then?


I suppose the real reason I give Paul a bit of benefit of the doubt, though, is that I've met a couple of people who I have some respect for who seem to have some respect for him - and I figure that anyone with his musical tastes can't be all bad. Then again, Eminem was an X-Clan fan too...

Larry O'Hara

How mistaken I was--after a weeks holiday (fell-walking in Wordsworth country--very refreshing), I thought I'd check out the comments here. Yet what do I find--full of the usual crap having a go at Paul for a site (Harry's Place) he does not run. Absolutely pathetic.

In short order, we will have a live forum on the Borderland web-site--but mosts will be moderated, to exclude trolls like the above. Why not upload videos of yourself masturbating on You-Tube? Sorry, I forgot you no doubt already have.

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