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September 30, 2010


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Inspector Lestrade

Oh well Paul, at least Manchester City can take comfort from the fact that many of their supporters actually live in Manchester, unlike the other club that plays there - you know, the one that has become a "global brand".


As soon as City start winning things they will get their fair share of Prawnies

And season tickets will go up

Mark my words

James Walsh

There all shit.

And your all a bunch of whining northern manc thickies- the only semi talented person out of there killed himself- and he was nuts.


Spot on again, James...


Actually Paul, I think the correct caption is

"Eat your hearts out you Harry's Place WANKERS"

Not seen on Harrys Place

Here's a story you're unlikely to find on an islamophobic blog:


Paul Stott

Similar article on the same issue, plus a worrying case from Carlisle:



Harry's Place latest: a post comparing the French gov't's persecution of the Roma to... the vichy gov't's persecution of Jews? Noooooo, that would be far too logical and straightforward a thought for the Harry's Place mules. Instead, by a process that gives the term "convoluted knowledge" a whole new meaning, it is compared to... [drumroll please]... the actions of the people who smashed up the EDO factory that manufactured parts for the Israeli (amongst others) war machine, and the actions of the folks who picketed the Ahava store in London that sells products made in the illegal settlements that the U.S. is now comically begging Israel to temporarily stop building (imagine them begging someone else breaking the law to stop doing it temporarily... "please, mr. crack dealer, just stop selling crack for the next six months so we can work out some kind of arrangement and we'll guarantee you two street corners to sell crack from without harrasment and help you to find customers for the next two years, OK mr, crack dealer sir?")
What was the Harry's Place logic, you may ask? Well, you see, the deportations of the Roma, while technically legal [actually the discovery of the french gov't document specifically targeting the Roma makes them ILlegal, but never mind] might be based on the French gov't looking harder at the Roma to find them committing crimes, than they do at other citizens to find them committing crimes. And, while deemed technically legal by judges [who I'm surprised haven't been labelled as 'anti-semitic], the EDO and Ahava protesters' actions (or "vandalism" as the author of the post styles them), are based on them looking harder at Israel committing crimes than they do at other countries committing crimes. (i.e. even if you are targeting Israel or Israeli companies for things that even the Israel-supporters admit are illegal/immoral, you are still "anti-semitic" for doing so because you are not also getting arrested protesting the actions of Guyana, Guam, Guatemala, Greece, Gambia, etc. (just going through some "G"s here)... [although you might be... have the Harry's Place mules checked what other things those folks might've been arrested for?]
I must disagree with "not seen on harry's place" on one thing though... I don't know if "islamophobic" is the appropriate term for that site, as they (for eg.) support the non-mosque and the non-ground zero site, and I'm sure they have no problem with Muslims of the Baroness Warsi mould. The main object of their hatred would seem to be Palestinians and their supporters (including their Jewish supporters). Since Palestinians are a Semitic people, a more appropriate tag for the Harry's Place mules would be "anti-semitic". There is plenty of precedent for calling Jewish people that - much of it on the very same "Harry's Place." Being of a delicate consitution, I have to limit the time I spend there, so I'm not sure if they've got around to describing the Jewish holocaust survivor on the Jewish ship that tried to break the Gaza blockade as "anti-semitic" yet, or if that's a step too far into the gutter even for them, but I'm sure they call Finkestein, Chomsky et al that.
I don't know why Paul Stott links that site, but if it's just to piss off the SWP - hey mate, the "Stormfront" site would achieve that purpose just as well and with about the same level of puke factor.


"convoluted knowledge" should read "convoluted logic."

James Walsh

Paul you need to have a go at Tottenham Hotsqur's- or are you us in league with the Zionist STATE!

Having a good laugh at all the glory boys of our youth who supported Liverpool.

Paul Stott

I can remember my old school chum John Harris (who went on edit the NME and is now probably the only person who went to a state school who writes for The Guardian) was one such glory hunter.

Imagine my horror when I heard him on the radio a few years ago declaring himself to be a Manchester City fan. He'll be supporting Stockport County next!

Buy Online Rx

One of the reasons I admire Thatcher is because she was clever, curious and well-informed. I think you need to get over your class analysis of this situation. I also think the idea of a conservative who has no time for the concept of the 'better' is a contradiction of terms.

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