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August 03, 2010


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Joe Owens

The programme forgot to mention the murder of Dr Gerald Bull. Mossad is no different to Lepke Buchalter's, Murder Incorporated.

Paul Stott

In the end I only heard the last 20 minutes or so of it.

I was slightly suspicious of the very hammy way the former Mossad guy was allowed to stress that they had been invited to kill the Ayatollah Khoemini by the Shah's representative, but had turned down the opportunity as it was not the sort of thing they did. I got the impression that section was more about sending a message to Iran today than anything else.

If the BBC did not raise the issue of Bull, that is poor. Given he was a UK citizen, killed in another EU country, and that on a 'who gains' basis Israel was the most likely perpetrator, the question really had to be asked.


They were probably afraid of getting fined for not being "objective." Like how the Gaza appeal was not "objective" and some other news report has been condemned for saying that the murders of the flotilla people in international waters were "murders" and that the operation was "illegal"... even though they were, um, murders, and boarding a ship in international waters is, um, illegal.
Wonder if they'll bring it up on Harry's Place... I see they are criticising the BDS movement (which is incidentally supported by many Jews and some Israelis) for having a "double standard" in "supporting Palestinian self-determination but not Jewish self-determination"... bit like criticizing the South African divestment movement for supporting black self determination but not white self determination (although unfortunately, thanks to all the opportunistic sellouts involved, South Africa now has white and tiny-minority-of-wealthy-black self determination and still no poor black self-determination...)
I also love their commentators' stuff about organizing a boycott of the hajj to pressure Saudi Arabia re human rights... obviously Saudi Arabia is a disgusting oppressive state that is no better than Israel (although it specializes in exploiting and oppressing foreign "guest"workers/slaves and anyone without a penis, not on ethnically cleansing an indigenous population whose land it stole, as in Israel's case)... but the fact that the hajj is not an option, but a religious obligation for any Muslim who can afford it, would tend to put a damper on any such boycott... not that whoever proposed that was being serious as opposed to indulging in a spot of EDL style Muslim-baiting...

paul maleski

Mossad is a ruthless secret, cowardly; predominately, Ashkenazim Khazar spy ring; it is so clandestine that it has permitted the BBC, in the guise of Radio/Judeo 4 (Jenny Abramsky,Mark Damazer et al.) to broadcast on their nefarious activities. The globally despised jew has nowhere to skedaddle, this is most sad Mossad's biggest nightmare. Madagascar was yesteryear's dream!

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