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June 13, 2010


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darren redstar

for a man who has in the past defended the actions of the chinese state in Tibet, and the iranian suppression of protestors after their fixed elections (to say nothing of his loveaffair with that political Fagin, Gallahway), his support for Abbott is not so special.

darren redstar

indeed it is pretty useful rule of thumb that whaenevr one is unsure of what is the correct response to any political issue; pop over to Socialist Unity, and read Andy Newman's take on the problem, then do the exact opposite.
andy newman, the man who chosen more wrong sides than rafa benitez


I had never heard of this "socialist unity" until Ian Bone put up some choice excerpts from it on his blog. I can scarcely believe such a website even exists, let alone is taken seriously by anyone. I mean, the guy supports the US extraditing that poor UFO nut geeza with Asperger's Syndrome, fuh chrissake. "Socialist Unity" makes not only the SWP, but even the truly awful RCP-USA, seem enlightened and progressive by comparison.
Plus, he calls us "BME"'s. I hate that fucking term. A lazy, so vague as to be meaningless, fake-ass "politically correct" lumping together of all "non whites", as they called us in South Africa. And it sounds like some kind of fucking disease.
As for Diane Abbott, well she's a typical politician ain't she, i.e. full of it. They do come in all colours. Yeah she voted against the gulf war but she still stood together with the ones who voted for it, it's not like she was getting arrested trying to stop troop flights taking off. And while I'd rather have someone who is opposed to such evil places as Yarl's Wood Immigration Detention Centre in a position of power than someone who is for them, I think it's telling that her opinion piece about the Yarl's Wood Hunger Strike urging that Yarl's Wood be closed down appeared, not in any British newspaper, but in the Jamaica Gleaner. Is Diane Abbott an MP in Britain, or Jamaica? Is she more interested in actually closing down Yarl's Wood and other detention centres, or in looking like she's "down" to the people "back home"?
I know I said I wouldn't comment on here any more, but there's been some topics of interest, so what the hey...


He's not deleted it but is following the same approach to my comment in the same thread (which says much the same thing), i.e. ignoring it.

He's now got an incredible post on China where he describes the country as a democracy because lots of people work in think tanks there. Seriously.


"it is pretty useful rule of thumb that whaenevr one is unsure of what is the correct response to any political issue; pop over to Socialist Unity, and read Andy Newman's take on the problem, then do the exact opposite."

Except, presumably, on the importance of being a member of the Labour Party as it's the only game in town, got to beat the nasty Tories, etc.

"andy newman, the man who chosen more wrong sides than rafa benitez"

This is a great line though.


If you love your child, as I hope you do: Would you risk sending your child to a school, infested with Congoids? Dianne Abbott has jumped from the banana tree and has landed her gorilla feet, firmly on the ground. Life expectancy is determined by whiteness; the simple minded, volatile negro is more violent than the Caucasian white. Not that it has got them anywhere but here; no, Shakespeare, Bach, nor Tolstoy to mention.

Dr Paul Stott

Bloody hell - I work two days of double shifts and the nazis are marching all other my blog!

Paul - life expectancy is not determined by whiteness - indeed it is highest surely amongst non-whites - In China and Japan?


Dianne stop eating so much: Think of Africa!
Paul your are right in your assessment. Life expectancy is indeed highest, by country; in whitish/yellowish Asian Japan, at around 81. The lowest, is African Swaziland 39.5 years. I am sure, that in European Nazi land, with less crap food and more exercise; we can and will, outlive the 'japs' I give up on the Congoid races, let them eat one another.

Dr Paul Stott

Paul Maleski/A - you are not even accurate about the UK are you?

The worst mortality rates in the country are not in places with high black populations such as Lambeth or Hackney, but in very largely white areas such as Glasgow or Blackpool.

Do try harder.


Probably something to do with the relative health risks of spliffs'n'guinnesses vs. heroin'n'tennants.
Congoid Power! We shall inherit the earth once all you fat pasty-faced smackheads drop dead...

paul maleski

Cannibalism in historical context.
Paul you are clutching at straws by providing me with a straw man argument. Between 1932-33 the Jewish Bolshevik instigated Holodomor, led to the mass starvation of between 7-10 million white Ukrainians/Moldavians; cannibalism was rife.
At the macro level black ruled nations possess the worst birth/death/literacy rates on the planet. Once successful, by African standards, white governed Southern Rhodesia; now, black dictated Marxist Zimbabwe (lifespan 37 for men/34 for women) is rapidly going down the past terrifying Ukrainian road. South Africa, is next on the Marxist hit list and there are 48 million of them.
True, life expectancy in Glasgow form men and neighbouring districts is dismal, by white standards. But I put this down, fundamentally; to their Rab Nesbitt lifestyles; it is cultural not racial. After all ultra white Kensington/Chelsea--East Dorset top the list. Spurious statistics, get you nowhere, 60% black Bermuda has the second lowest infant mortality rates in the world, and they enjoy longer lives than UK citizens. This is due to a white dominated economy being wealthy enough to provide the best medical facilities on offer. My argument is this, had Bermuda gone the same way as Haiti, life today we would be a lot different for the Bermudans. Then again sick, violent, poverty stricken Haiti is a paradise compared to Zimbabwe. This begs the profound question: Why do black nations typically fail!


@ the nazi:
You beg another question: why do black people fail to shoot people like you in the face, point blank, or failing that, use an icepick or whatever else happens to be handy? Oh wait, I know why... you take care to keep your "opinions" to yourself anytime you find yourself in places like Hackney and Lambeth.

paul maleski

Rasta. Lambeth walk and talk trendy.

The black African cannot govern successfully; unlike the dirt poor, bombed out 1950's South Koreans. The Korean: Is a constructive race!

The parasitic Asiatic jew, despite billions of laundered money flooding into their juicy coffers; will always be a failed state. Like Worzel Gummidge, Aunt Sally, Melanie Rozenburg AKA Phillips; the jew/jewess alwayss chooses the most suitable goyim name. Read more about crippled, short arsehole Joseph Goebbels; no more, jewish intellectualism.


Paul. I think you may have mental health problems. This could make you extremely vulnerable in the type of society you seem to want to live in. I suggest that you therefore:
1. Put a loaded revolver into your mouth.
2. Pull the trigger.
*No remuneration is required with regard to this assessment or advice. Good luck with the treatment plan!

paul maleski

This is not a nice thing to type.

Center School PA

Great work on your blog. Its really nice article. Thank you for posting.

paul maleski

What a joy to be alive!

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