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October 28, 2009


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Any intention of responding to us?


Larry O'Hara

I already have--though accept that due to postal strike you will not have received it yet


Larry, the link was to our response to Stott's paper, not NFB. We're still awaiting the promised response from him.

Dr Paul Stott

Larry makes most of the points I would, but in due course Bridget you will get your own personal response from my good self.


J7 respond to NFB 7 & 8:


Larry O'Hara

interestingly, a clue as to J7's deficient methodology can be found in the way they introduce their article on the Blog. If there isn't a conspiracy, they seemingly have to invent one
1) there are dark mutterings about the delay between when NFB 9 was promised and its arrival--in fact, this was (as explained to them) due to personal illness/unavoidable factors. Not being spooks, and having lives to live, producing NFb isn't the only thing we do!
2) They complain NFB isn't on sale yet in the outlets listed--but the above post makes quite clear it will be available in a "few weeks", not now
3) As for orders by post--we have fulfilled those now the postal strike is over and the threatened one didn't materialise. Not mentioning this context makes J7 look very silly indeed...
4) Hilarious that they call NFb fevered & obsessive--readers can make up their own minds about that.

The general line of the introduction (never mind the article) is that NFB wants people to 'trust' the state--so far from the mark as to be genuinely amusing. We await with inyterest their response--and feel sure of nothing other than it will not deal substantively with our arguments. But at least it can't be said we didn't try. And we are genuinely grateful for J7 allowing us to publicly differentiate our evidence-based stance from theirs....


Larry "The general line of the introduction (never mind the article) is that NFB wants people to 'trust' the state--so far from the mark as to be genuinely amusing."

Do you mean this line in the introduction?

"Instead, they suggest, what is required is a good measure of blind faith and blind trust in institutions for which there exist countless examples of dishonesty and mendacity in almost all matters."

or this from the article:

"Perhaps some of the many criticisms that NFB aims so carefully at so-called 'conspiracy theories' and 'conspiracy theorists' would be better levelled at that most vociferous of conspiracy theorists, the State itself."

Both are equally valid given that NFB or your blog here have, to date, never questioned the veracity of the State's version of the events in London on 7th July 2005. Unless of course we've missed something?

sort it out frosty

I think NFB would do well to seriously engage with these 7/7 Truth Campaign people. Calling them cultists does you no particular favours. Altho I've read quite a few issues of NFB and thought the analysis was often interesting, I think there's been a certain intellectual laziness as far as the 9/11 and 7/7 "truth campaigns" go. Obviously there are nutty cult-like people in their ranks. If that automatically disproves everything they say then the anarchist movement has serious problems of our own!

And anyway, for fucks sake these aren't exactly the biggest of our worries right now. No? The state is seriously cracking down on the international anarchist and anti-fascist movement (not to mention the radical environmental movement). At worst the truth campaigns are the fevered result of the ineffectiveness of the liberal-Left who we should be ignoring to die quietly.

Larry O'Hara

here we go again, the usual cut & paste instead of analysis...

I suggest people read our response (an example of 'engagement') and make up their own minds.

It seems in this internet-debased culture, all you have to do is repeat lies, endlessly, on-line (eg that NFB accepts the state's line on anything) and the shallow/deluded will believe it.

Sad: but we'll not lose any sleep over it.

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