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March 16, 2008


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Aren't they the people whose internal organs the Chinese government sells to foreign buyers?


Hey Daniel,
Ur blog sounds intersting!! It's very sad that chinese government is abusing people those who want to follow Falun Gong.. It's really unworthy..I request you all to go
through the story and help Danielle by signing the petition at


Falun Kong in China is different form it is in the other places. I mean it could be considered as either a Kongfu or a religion in the west. But in China, Falun kong practicers were politicizing and tried to block the gov, as they never did it in the west. So this Falun Kong is not that Falun kong. That is why Falun Kong could be legal in the west but not in China.


I come from mainland in China.I don`t know much about the presecution because we have nearly no access to the true story.
Some of my classmates` parents used to be followers of Falun Gong, but they were not disturbed by the government.
Before 1998 there were many different 'Kongfu' just like Falun Gong in mainland.None of them were banned by the government.That`s very strange.
I really thank the followers of Falun Gong since they promote Chinese culture all around the world.However, I hate their anti-science theory--it is ridiculous!

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